US Army National Guard Total Victory medal in case

Item# : ngvictory
Weight :  1.00Pound
A Large, Very Impressive, Current Issue Army National Guard Boxed Victory Medal Set. This is a 2 1/2" diameteráMedallion that hangs on aáLong, 1 1/2" Wide -áRed, White & Blue Ribbon that is big enough & designed to hang around the neck, or for aáprominent display. Comes in a 7" by 4 1/2" Padded Box with Presidental message of October 7, 2001, a white cardboard outer sleeve, and a 3/4" Miniature Label Pin with clutch back. "The Army National Guard Total Victory Team". For award to Post-911 Deployed National Guard Troops and / or for their Civilian Employers. Back of Medal is blank and smooth, suitable for engraving